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Burner software

Today I am asked to find a CD burner software, and I got one which almost have the same function with nero ( which can burn .ISO image file and different kinds, too). The name is called ” CDBurner XP Pro“. Enjoy your Burning !


Lesson of Audio-ism

The function of a ripping software is mainly focusing on extract tracks from a CD to your computer harddrive.

Here is a free ripping software which supports

Microsoft Windows: ;

Machintosh apple :


An audio codec is a computer program that compresses/decompresses digital audio data according to a given audio file format or streaming audio format.

Free Open Source : Audacity

The quality of sound usually refers to bit-rate. Bit rate is the number of bits that are conveyed or processed per unit of time; As higher the bit rate is, the quality will be better, but the size increase rapidly too. The bit rate on a CD is usually 128 kbbs.

Let’s talk about different kinds of format of audio files

mp3: ( mpeg 1 audio layer 3) is the most common format for user to listen to their music, podcasting. It is an universal format for the computer platform and media software to play.

wav: (wave) is a pure sound first introduced by IBM.  Compressed wav is really small, It only contains a pure and simple soundwave, and it usually cannot have a high bit rate

aiff: (Audio Interchange File Format ) is a sound format developed by Apple Computers Inc. , It’s function acts like a mp3 and stores sound data

aac: (Advanced Audio Coding) is an audio file format standard used for storing sound data on mac. Orginally It only supports quicktimes and iTunes, but right now most of the players can play this.


please do not confuse a audio cd and a data cd.A data CD is a Cd with a data form. It doesn’t change anything; a Audio Cd will change its orginally format from .mp3/.wma/.aac to .cda ( a unique format which can read by CD player which doesn’t data CD)

Below are some of the procedures which I prepared for you to burn a CD

First of all, we can burn a data Cd with audio file without any software.

Open ” my computer”> open your “cd/dvd burner D:\”> drop your music file to this windows> select ” creat a data cd”>  a window will pop out and assist you for the rest of the process.

File Transfer Protocol

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer data from one computer to another over the Internet, or through a network.

FTP usually is a IP address (For example which helps user to address the location of the computer. We can also install or use some medium client software to hidden our IP addresses.

‘Local’ refers to the computer you are using,’ Remote’ refers to the clinic computer you are trying to connect.

Here is some of the most useful command in FTP Client

>”get” to download a file from remote

>”put” to upload a file from remote

>”rnfr” to rename a subfiles or folders

>”dir” is to check the directory

We can also use >”mput” for multiple uploads

>”dele” to delete file

>”bye” or “quit” to end the whole unit.

*If we want to start an FTP session, we can use command line in DOS environment (input “cmd” in Run)

Type in > ftp (a website site, for example

input the user name and password, input > dir to check back what file you have and what you need.

then we can start to use command line to download or upload our FTP site.

Step 1:

 Step 2:

Vector art vs Bitmap format

while I am using inkscape format(. svg), I recognized that .svg is a ventor art. One of the significant advantages of ventor art is that the quality of picture will not be affected even you magnificify it, but if you use bitmap format and magnificify it, it will be affected totally.

Vector graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and polygons, which are all based upon mathematical equations to represent images in computer graphics. It is used by contrast to the term raster graphics, which is the representation of images as a collection of pixels (dots).

(pictures and the definition of ventor art are adopted from Wikipedia)


Today I have tested an editing software called “Inkscape“. It is a free open software for editing images and it has a user friendly interface. I have try to use the text tools, import and resize images, and create basic shapes/ patterns.  Here is my little work for the trial.  They also have their own unique file format (.SVG). 

RSS 101: Introduction to RSS feed

Welcome to my RSS 101 !

This is a introduction session of how RSS works. By understanding know how to use RSS feed, It can help you to bring information automatically updated to your desktop. You can monitor news, blogs, job listings, personals, and advertisement. Feeds can be created using tags that are enclosed in brackets <> very similar to HTML. RSS is a form of xml.

Steps of podcasting/ Vodcasting in

It is simple!

First of all, we have to host a media file on a server/ free hosting site. After that, you have to create a category for vodcast or podcast. Then you try to post it in your blog with the link where you host it, be sure that you have hyper linking it and put your post into your categories. After you finish it, try to burn a feed on your own blog site. ( or you can add a widget of a RSS on your blog.

Basically you are almost done.

If you want to use a reader to read your feed, It is best to use mozilla firefox.

A feed reader is a client software that uses web feed to retrieve syndicated web content such as weblogs, podcasts, vlogs, and mainstream mass media websites, or in the case of a search aggregator, a customized set of search results.

we can use 

I-tunes ( or

Juice (

 to read our vod/podcast media materials.

(For the best solution of podcasting, we would use mp3 and mpeg-4 as the format of podcast and vodcast respectively because they support in every operating system and their size is reasonable.)

A useful software from Microsoft

I am not sure if you know there is a very useful software : Microsoft Private Folder 1.0, which provides windows user a free lock up of the important data in windows. but one thing which you will feel disappointed is, it is totally not secure. You still can access it in safe mode of windows without inputing a password !

 It is currently supported Windows XP, Windows vista is not capable

Have a look of it and it is totally free !


RSS My Podcast book

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RSS Wordpress Feed

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