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Final result

Another trial of my vodcasting, but Itunes is so picky, and it doesn’t work again 😦

I dont understand why wordpress only recognized my .mov and .mpeg, although I have tried to re-do it.

It seems to be impossible to work with it.

Here is my successful conversion:



here is my another trial:

I am trying to test in I-Tunes through wordpress and feedburners.

but it still doesn’t work well for mp4 on wordpress feed in ITunes

Whats wrong with it………………….. ?

Links which works probably with all of my video:


I have separated into two post, but I am still trying to see if there is possible to post it in one post without letting I-Tunes having any confusion.

here is the file from mov format to mp4:

I am currently using Feedburner to vodcast my stuff, because I recognize that the feed provided by Feedburner will update faster than wordpress’s feed itself. That is a kind of weird, isn’t it ? ( Really)

Later on, I have developed two links(sa/audio; sb/video):

For Audio:

For Video:


Another video adopted from a game website ( I changed its format from avi to mp4 using winavi 3.0):

I tested a software called Winavi 3.0. It contains many functions including convection between different media files , and it works very well by encoding from mov to mp4. Another software I want to mention is Plato Video 3.42. I spent alot time in installing and tried to play with it, but eventually I recognized that it crashed with Windows Vista and XP all the time, so I decided to uninstall it, and some of the others don’t work as well.

1. Here is my successful conversion from .avi to mp4by using winavi :

(adapted from a game website)

2. Here is my successful conversion from .mov to mp4 :

(adapted from a server hosting company)

After testing different kinds of file type for vodcasting, I think the ideal file type for vodcasting is mpeg. It plays in most of the computer platforms and mpeg4 provides the smallest size ( In my above example : from 11Mbs of .mov to 5Mbs of .mp4) with the greatest quality. And we know that wma doesn’t support well in Macintosh; rm and m4a(.acc)won’t play if Realplayer doesn’t install, so my conclusion of universal format for podcasting is mp3.

On the other hand of finding an open sources for photos editing, I try to install a free add-in feature from Microsoft : Windows Photo Story 3, It is a new software for windows user to edit photo slide show and add music at this same time. I am very impressed that it has an easy-to-use interface and the software allows user to control the size of the file 🙂

Example link: ( Photos which I took it in New York last year): Status: Vodcasted

Finally, I wish everyone of you have a wonderful spring break time!

I got this movie from a website


Here is my testing link:


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