Video Editing

Linear video editing is the process of selecting, arranging and modifying the images and sound recorded on videotape whether captured by a video camera or recorded in a studio. Until the advent of computer-based non-linear editing in the early 1990s “linear video editing” was simply called video editing

PAL, short for Phase Alternating Line, is a colour encoding system used in broadcast television systems in large parts of the world. Other common analogue television systems are SECAM and NTSC.

NTSC is the analog television system in use in Canada, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, the United States, and some other countries, mostly in the Americas (see map). It is named for the National Television Standards Committee, the U.S. standardization body that adopted it.

Video dimension means the area you viewed your video, It actually means the aspect and ratio that you are watching.

The most common ratio are 2:1, 4:3, 16:9 , or full screen.

I have a little clip of mpeg-1 which is 2.48mbs

And I start converting it into different format …

mov is a file extension for the QuickTime multimedia file format. It is 5.03 mbs

avi, which stands for Audio video interleave, is a compressed form of video. It usually has to install some decoding software before we actually playing with the video. It is 4.12 mbs

mp4 is MPEG Layer4, it is a compressed format, it is a universal ideal video format which plays on every computer and most of the video devices. It is 5.04 mbs

Mpeg2 is standing for Motion Picture Expert Group, it was supported by most of the computer and it has a high quality of resolution, but its size is relatively big. It is 4.06mbs
It almost double its size.

There is some opensource you can use for free to edit your video

I have prepared a video with the some transition and filtes applied( in the front and back ).

MPEG-1 : 8.4 mbs :

MPEG-2:  18.6mbs :



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